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Ø  The Constitution of Kenya advocates for community participation in project formulation and implementation for ownership and sustainability. 

Ø  In this regards the NG-CDF expects it implementing agencies to put community at the forefront in the project cycle. The community is therefore expected to;


a)     Participate in open public meetings convened by the Chairperson of the NG-CDFC to deliberate on development matters in the ward and the constituency, to facilitate in prioritization of projects to be submitted to the NG-CDFC.

b)     To participate in project implementation through provision of locally available resources (land, materials, labour or skills) either voluntarily or for pay.

c)      Participate in nomination and formation of PMCs and NG-CDFC

d)     To provide feedback to the Board and law enforcement Agencies on matters concerning the Fund.

e)      Witness the commissioning of projects and issuance of cheques and other disbursements by the constituency committee